How It Works

The Process, TL;DR

  1. Apply now
  2. Await the love-curation
  3. Get invited to a date
  4. Meet your date at a secret East London restaurant
  5. Call after with your feedback, if both sides agree, we’ll exchange your details. Unless you have already, cheeky

The Process, long version

Pt 1
You fill in our form, sent by email once you register here.
The application form has been designed by personality and matchmaking specialists, to understand people at a deeper level, and give you the chance to tell us what you’re really like. And what you’re really looking for.

Don’t be lazy with your answers…This isn’t Tinder!

Pt 2
We’ll review your form and do a bit of online stalking to get to know you. #Sorry not sorry.

We review all clients’ details inside using our very own people-based expertise to understand you and to filter for your preferences.

It’s not an algorithm, but rather our in-house matchmaker that does the all the hard work. With a background in headhunting, she knows a thing or two about understanding people and finding the perfect fit.

Stay tight for this bit! We can’t guarantee a perfect match tomorrow… This isn’t Tinder!

Pt 3
Once we’ve found you a match, the pair of you will be added to a waitlist.

Each week, 5 lucky couples will be invited to a blind date held at an exclusive East London restaurant.

Sorry no photos here, you’ll have to trust us on this one.

“Like First Dates TV show but without the cameras”

You’ll receive details of the time, location and a few lines on your date.

No one but the staff know will what you’re up to; don’t worry. It’s all very discreet.

You’ll have the table for an hour an a half.

90mins to impress.

In this time you’ll get a 2 course meal – starters & main / main & puddings – we’ll let you argue that one out in your couple – and share a bottle of wine. Soft drinks also available.


Sorry, you were going to have to do some work somewhere down the line. We can’t do everything for you. We can however, provide some tips and personalised coaching, should you wish.

Contact Us for more info on this part.

Pt 5
Your experiences, and tastes, mean a lot to us.

We want your feedback.

Call us the next day to let us know how it went. Will you be seeing them again?

If both sides are into it, we’ll make sure you have the contact details, and it’s over to you! We won’t intervene unless you want us to – dating advice available on request.

Whatever your thoughts on how the date went, we’ll make a note and use your feedback to inform future matches for you.

If you don’t want to see them, we get it, and that feedback stays between just you and us. We’ll never share the reason with your date directly. They’ll be someone else’s cup of tea… there’s a lid for every pot.

And you? Come back for your next match once we have it ready!

That's about it. So, are you ready to sign up?