When can I expect to be matched?
Unfortunately, we won’t always be able to offer you a match straight away. So hold tight. Especially if you’ve asked us for a unicorn, they may take some time to find.

We’ll never set you up for the sake of it, but when we really see what looks like a good fit. We’re in the business of quality over quantity. This isn’t Tinder! 

How is it different to online dating?
This is bespoke matchmaking and is entirely tailored to you. We don’t believe algorithms or choosing a partner can be done based on appearances alone. Whilst we aren’t against online dating, we know how time-consuming it can be, and not much fun having a relationship with your phone! We wanted to do the upfront bit for you – no need to spend hours texting and agreeing a time just to find out you’re not even into someone. We curate the matches based on a detailed understanding of you and have even set up the date. All you have to do is turn up.

What happens if my date doesn’t show?
Whilst we cannot guarantee your date won’t flake, if they haven’t shown up within the first 30min you will receive a refund of £35. Sadly, we cannot offer a full refund as the charge covers our matching service and restaurant cover charge. We will, however, keep you top of the waitlist for future dates and no-shows without explanations will be removed from the database.

What if I don’t like my food?
Fussy eaters can be a big turn off in the dating world, so whilst we recommend not complaining, should you have an issue it is down to you to discuss that with the service staff and they will consider deductions based on their own judgment. We can’t deal with them on those issues on your behalf. 

What do you do about feedback?
We ask for feedback on the date from each party, but we won’t share it with your date. Unless of course, it’s “CAN I SEE THEM AGAIN”. In which case, we’ll share their contact details if they approve.

Feedback is key to help us continue improving our matching service and find you the best options in the future.

I think I might be undateable?
Unlikely, but we do offer dating advice and coaching services for an additional (yet still extremely affordable price) so to find out more fill in the Contact form and tell us what you need.