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Offline Dates is the new London-based service for singles in their 20s & 30s looking for love. Matchmaking just got affordable.

We screen thousands of ‘love applications’ to find you your perfect match. This is a highly curated, bespoke service created by those who speak the language of love.

You won’t find any algorithms here.

So tell us what you want what you really really want. From yoga teachers.. craft beer drinkers.. tech entrepreneurs to hotshot lawyers, we got you covered.

Once we’ve found you a match, pairs get moved onto the waitlist for their blind date held at an exclusive East London restaurant.

Sorry no photos here, you’ll have to trust us on this one.

Offline Dates combines the best of online dating (loads of choice, free until you meet up) with the best of singles events (fun, great venues, meeting the kind of people you want to meet) with the power of matchmaking, (usually reserved for those who can afford to spend thousands of pounds each month).

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